How to Create a Killer Webinar (That Actually Generates Leads!)

Webinars aren’t a new marketing tactic – nearly 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion! However, creating webinars isn’t just about promotional value to your company. In last month’s blog, we talked about being of service to clients in order to form meaningful relationships. Webinars are another great way to educate and inform, and hone [more…]

Serving vs. Selling: How to Build Lasting Client Relationships

Scroll through any number of your social media outlets and I bet you’ll find post after post from professionals trying to sell you something. From connections wanting a better job to networking seminars trying to sell you a product, it’s common to see the, “I want you to pay me more because I want more” [more…]

Boost Open Rates with Better Email Subject Lines

Nearly 281 billion emails are sent every single day, and one research firm projects that number will skyrocket to 333 billion emails per day by 2022. That’s a lot of subject lines! Whether you’re utilizing emails for marketing purposes or networking needs, every email is a pitch – or, an invitation to engage. Email subject [more…]

Get the Most from LinkedIn Pages in 2019

Late last year, LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Pages, stating it was “Your place to engage with people that matter most to your business.” LinkedIn Pages is a complete rebuild of what was formerly known as LinkedIn Company Pages, and aims to make it easier for brands, institutions, and organizations – people like you and me – [more…]

4 Ways to Generate More B2B Leads in the New Year

Let’s talk leads. You’ve done the tried-and-true work, but you’re still just not quite generating the B2B leads you were hoping for. In 2019, we’re taking lead generation to the next level. It’s one of the most important processes of your business, but for 85% of B2B marketers, it’s the #1 challenge. There are dozens [more…]

‘Tis the Season: LMI360 Proudly Supports Season for Sharing

It’s the 25th year of The Arizona Republic’s Season for Sharing, and LMI360 is proud to renew our support for the annual campaign for the 5th year in a row. Season for Sharing runs from November 11 – December 31 and raises money and awareness for the Valley’s neediest during the holiday season. Since 1993, [more…]

Finishing Strong: Defining a Customer Relations Strategy for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is nearly here, and bets are you haven’t even thought about planning for the chaos that is about to ensue. Last post, we discussed three ways that employers can help employees stay engaged, focused, and productive during the holiday season. This month, we’re turning the table a bit to focus on client [more…]

Has Your Business Started Planning for the Holidays? You Should Be!

I know what you may be thinking. A holiday post already? It’s only the middle of October! But, hear me out. Creating a genuine holiday experience for your employees is not an easy task. You’ve probably experienced a similar situation: it’s the week of Christmas and you have nothing planned. Instead of creating a memorable [more…]

Why IFMA? Empowering Facility Professionals Worldwide

If you’re one of the thousands of people involved with IFMA, you understand that it’s fundamentally the people—you and me and the other 24,000 members—that make up this global family. We all have a common and compassionate interest: to efficiently and responsibly advance the facility management profession for the benefit of all. Why IFMA? Professional [more…]

Making the Most of Your Professional Association Network

You already know the benefits to consistent networking in your industry: increased business opportunities, a chance to gain insight or advice from industry professionals, and a resource for anything work-related. But, are you making the most out of your professional association memberships? Whether you’ve recently joined a local start-up or have been a major part [more…]