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Social Media

As a full-service marketing agency, LMI360 employs an effective social media strategy in tandem with other portfolio assets like website expansion, email marketing, and other content creation. Using social media, like all digital assets, requires time and budgets to be successful. Market studies show that companies often “dabble” in social media without a quantitative, quality content plan, resulting in minimal results over time. Let’s help you attain the visibility you want.

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How It Works

Our social media management efforts leverage our expertise and technology to create a solid social strategy and execution for your brand. We do this by:


Determining the best social platforms for your brand


Developing content messaging and posting calendars based on best practices


Creating and managing paid ad campaigns to boost your reach


Reviewing and reporting your social impact to customize future strategies

Case Studies

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Learn more about how our social media services can help your business.

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