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SEO & Analytics

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SEO & Analytics

SEO is a key component of your digital success. Prospects looking for your products and services go to the web first to try and find them. Using keywords and an experienced strategy, the LMI360 team updates your SEO the right way, elevating your potential search rank, which can help users view you as a trustworthy and credible source. At the end of any cycle, we need to measure the results of all of our activities. Data-driven analytics is the key to staying on track and improving outcomes in the future.

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How It Works

Here’s how we’ll help make your SEO strategy more successful and give you the visibility to how effective your brand is performing with current generation analytics tools:


We take a deep dive into your industry with keyword development tools


Your current website gets an audit to determine how successful your current strategy is


Your website copy gets an update – or overhaul – to tell your story and implement your new keywords


We compile data from all of your digital channels, monthly, and not only compare it to your past performance, but also that of your competitors to give you the edge you need in the future

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