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LMI360 Sales & Marketing Services

Our sales and marketing services help identify new customers for you, put real power in your marketing, and improve the performance of your sales team through proven, data-driven methods. We know that each one of our clients face unique challenges. That’s why our partnerships always begin with a conversation designed to understand your business goals, value proposition, brand strategy and the best possible lead generation strategies.

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Serving the Built Environment

LMI360 caters to B2B clients who thrive within the Commercial Built Environment, including but not limited to:

We have a strong track record in supporting a wide range of organizations that provide Janitorial, Facility Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping, Roofing, Window Washing, Door Repair, Parking Lot Maintenance, Emergency Restoration, and Construction in local, regional, and national geographies. How can we help promote your brand?

We understand that the competition for the best projects is significant. If your focus is Architecture, Design, Engineering, Environmental Services, or Consulting, let’s have a conversation about how to best position your capabilities.

Everyone in the industry is talking about the technologies needed to support Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management. Whether your platform supports AI, Analytics, Lighting Controls, Mobility, Robotics, Security, Sensors, Space Management, Operations & Maintenance, a Hybrid Work Strategy, or is a full IWMS, let’s chat about how to get you more opportunities to support the marketplace.

Our Primary Services Include:

We are marketers, creatives, and brand advocates supporting organizations that support the Commercial Built Environment.

Brand Strategy

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Project Management

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Design Services

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Content Development

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Social Media

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Video Production

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Inside Sales

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Email Marketing

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Event Marketing

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SEO & Analytics

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Our team identifies and delivers new business opportunities through:

Automated Lead Generation

LMI dramatically enhances the lead conversion rate for our clients through B2B-focused automated lead generation, extracting valuable data, accurately indexing all leads, and effectively nurturing each lead en route to your business.

Event Management

To fortify your brand’s recognition, expand brand visibility, and leverage keen business opportunities, LMI360 is expert at managing events that build pipeline and enhance trust with your clients.

Fully Integrated CRM

As a marketing team dedicated to your business, LMI360 utilizes fully integrated CRM to seriously enhance the customer service your business development team provides. In addition, our use of this tool generates more sales opportunities and deepens your understanding of your industry’s most relevant buying behaviors and trends.

List Development

LMI creates an edge for our clients over the competition with the aid of this B2B-focused tactic. Our unique approach to the development of data lists infuses cost-effective, lead-generating energy throughout all aspects of a client’s strategy to sales and marketing.

New Prospects

LMI360 brings a refreshing and results-oriented take on identifying high-potential contacts that can become loyalists and advocates for the services and products our clients offer. Using a data-driven playbook, we deliver a steady stream of nurtured new contacts in even the most challenging B2B arenas.

Targeted Web Marketing

What demographics are the best investments for your business? Which aspects of your brand presence must be adapted to capitalize on your likeliest new leaders? After asking themselves key questions like these, frustrated clients turned to LMI360 for the answers. Our skills in content creation, social media strategy, and design consistently deliver the marketing responses commercial built environment clients have been craving.

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