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Event Marketing

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Event Marketing

In person and virtual events are powerful tools for meeting interested prospects and communicating your value proposition. Successful event promotion, management, attendance engagement, and follow-up consume significant time and field resources. Choosing the right event and implementing a successfully hosted event are critical components in every marketing plan and budget.

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How It Works

Options include webinars and virtual symposiums, seminars, trade shows, conferences, and events tied to local or regional associations. With LMI360’s event marketing services, you can expect to drive targeted attendance for your events, decrease cost per qualified attendee, increase post-event lead generation, and measure and track event ROI. Here’s how we do it:


We’ll review your current event commitments and costs, working with your budget to create a plan


We intertwine these planned commitments with your sales and marketing efforts to increase ROI


Whether you need pre-event marketing campaigns, event hosting services or customized post-event lead nurturing we sweep up every contact opportunity


Our signature event service includes event setup, hosting, delivery and follow up

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