Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a powerful tool for meeting interested prospects and communicating your value proposition. Successful event promotion, management, attendance, and follow-up consume significant corporate and field resources. Choosing the right event and implementing a successful hosted event are critical components in every marketing plan and budget.

With LMI360 you can expect to:

  1. Drive Targeted attendance for your events
  2. Decreased cost per qualified attendee
  3. Increased post-event lead generation
  4. Measured and tracked event ROI

LMI360’s proven Sales 2.0 process leverages our marketing services to select the right kind of event. Our event marketing services leads to qualified prospects, increased target prospect attendance, and achieving event ROI goals.

In the Sales 2.0 environment, there are options and opportunities LMI360 crafts to precisely connect you with target prospects:

  • Webinars 
  • Seminars 
  • Trade Shows 
  • Events within an Event 
  • Local and Regional Association Events 

Event Research Planning and Budgeting. LMI360 reviews your current event commitments and costs. We entwine the planned activities with your Sales 2.0 marketing strategy and leverage your budgeted dollars to increase event ROI. We also unveil other events you might consider as supplemental marketing tactics.

Event Optimization Services. Maximize event ROI with LMI360’s Sales 2.0 Event Optimization Services. Whether it’s pre-event marketing campaigns, event hosting services, or customized post-event lead nurturing, LMI360 sweeps up every contact opportunity. We deploy optimization services that include surveys, blogs, and precision-tuned follow up and lead generation programs.

Signature Event Services. LMI360 plugs the drain on your resources that event management requires. The Signature Event Service manages event setup, hosting, delivery, and follow up. For trade shows, our Signature Event group orchestrates your entire event. We can plan and implement a successful “event within the event,” distinguishing your company and attracting key decision makers to your private hosted location for serious discussions.