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Design Services

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Design Services

Your content tells people specifically what you do and who you are. But, with the right design elements, you can also show them. From your company’s logo to your website design, social media content and even video collateral, graphic design enhances who you are and what your company does – all without saying a word. A solid graphic design can make all the difference between mundane and marvelous. Which one do you want to be?

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How It Works

The LMI360 team of designers can help create visuals that support your brand from top to bottom. Here’s how we do it:


We want to update your first impression through logo refreshes, website updates, and other digital graphic design changes


A picture is worth a thousand words – so trust our team to make social images that captivate your audience


Digital design, like email templates, webinar decks, and data sheets can be customized to seamlessly fit your entire brand’s aesthetic


And, while digital has a time and a place, so does print. Our team even creates designs for trade show materials, brochures, and more

Case Studies

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Learn more about how our design services can help your business.

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