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Mastering Content Marketing with LinkedIn

Ready to take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level? Then it would be best if you did more than share your status with a link to your latest blog post. Content marketing on LinkedIn helps you reach your target audience and expand your brand impressions. Sure, it’s nice to build your network, but it’s even better to use content to engage with prospects.

Why is LinkedIn the Best Platform for Connecting with B2B Audiences?

Have you wondered if LinkedIn should be part of your 2022 social media marketing strategy? LinkedIn helps you to build a robust and diverse network. But did you know that LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for content marketing? Sharing fresh content helps you to connect to millions across the web. It helps you generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness. So, if you’re not content marketing on LinkedIn, most likely, you are missing a huge opportunity to promote your business.

LinkedIn is extremely popular with B2B influencers. As of late 2021, LinkedIn is shown to reach over 65 million decision-makers. That’s a massive audience! Highly educated upper management professionals spend a lot of their time, and executives use LinkedIn for research before making buying decisions.

55% of Decision-Makers Are Shown to Use LinkedIn Content to Vet Companies.
Decision-makers use this content to determine which organizations they should engage.

LinkedIn Is a Primarily a B2B Oriented Social Network

According to the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, 87% of the Inc 500 companies say that LinkedIn is their top social platform to tell their brand stories, recruit, and network. That means that LinkedIn is the top network that makes it easy to connect with a professional audience.

Not sure what to write about? You can look up LinkedIn’s trending topics to find out what other leaders in your industry are talking about right now before creating trending content of your own to share.

By studying target accounts and the content they share, you can learn what resonates with your prospective audience and tailor your marketing content accordingly.

What are the Best Types of Content to Share?

Your content helps you reach a targeted audience, get more exposure, and increase your reach. You can post articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, free reports, and more. You can develop the content in-house or hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Here are the Top Ways to Promote your Content on LinkedIn

Highlight your Free Download on your LinkedIn Cover Image: Show an image of the item with a short description and download instructions.

Promote your Content with Posts: You can create a graphic to promote from the company’s LinkedIn Profile. Plus, you can have company management do a share of the company post and their endorsement of it.

LinkedIn Publications: Showcasing your publications from within your LinkedIn profile encourages your peers and others interested in your work to learn more about what you do. Just add the content to the Publications area of your LinkedIn profile.

Groups: Post your content in groups that are relevant to the content. Join and participate in LinkedIn’s forums. It’s best to share your content to answer a question that someone has posted. This way, it feels like assistance and not promotional.

LinkedIn Pulse: Build credibility with high-quality thought leadership articles to raise awareness for your brand and demonstrate your expertise. To access LinkedIn™ Pulse, log in to your profile and click on “Write an article” at the top of the home page.

LinkedIn helps professionals get their content and brand in front of decision-makers. While it’s more suited for B2B companies, you can still use LinkedIn to find and nurture new relationships to grow your business and network.

Using LinkedIn for content marketing increases the chances that decision-makers will discover your brand and that your message will gain better visibility and impact.