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5 Reasons You Should Partner with a Professional Marketing Team

Deciding whether or not you should partner with a professional marketing team is a tough decision. It takes careful consideration to figure out the best tactic for achieving optimal company growth on many different levels. Partnering with an external team creates synergy, extending the life (and reach!) of your current in-house team. Plus, marketing teams are here to offer an increase in brand awareness, and of course, aid in the overall sales process for your company. In the long run, hiring a professional team exists as a cost-effective asset for business development and growth.

Hire That External Marketing Team – Here’s Why

The collaborative process between a company and the external marketing team they hire offers the following benefits:

  • Expertise – External marketing teams have a multitude of specialists on-hand built to showcase your internal staff while doing what they do best. Each is specific to their own channel of digital marketing and has a depth of experience. Working with one external marketing team means you’re working with several individuals who are experts in their field.
  • Resources – Often, professional marketing teams can help clients with a wide range of needs because they have a wide range of resources. From large vendor networks to advanced tools and software, marketing agencies have the resources and technical expertise in specialty areas you might not.
  • Flexibility – Your main focus should be on business growth, not worrying about content or other general marketing maintenance. A marketing team offers the flexibility you need when expansion or direction changes are on the table. Quick responsiveness from a marketing agency is perfect for strict deadlines or the need to scale up quickly.
  • $avingsExternal marketing partners offer a better ROI. You’ll save money by not paying payroll deductions, benefits or healthcare costs and online tools needed to run and track campaigns. Plus, you won’t have to pay salaries for the multitude of key marketing roles that your company may not need daily, but that are available as needed through the external relationship, including a marketing manager, social media manager or graphic designer. One of these positions alone can run your company anywhere from $50k – $120k per year.
  • Sales Opportunities – External marketing agencies are driven by results. At its core, a professional marketing agency equips the sales team with the information and tools they need to be successful. Marketing agencies work as the heavy lifter for the sales team, and help to increase brand awareness and create more sales opportunities.

Hiring a professional marketing team is a great way to focus on your business development and growth while ensuring your digital and marketing strategy stays in line with your company needs. And, while it’s important to consider the pros and cons of hiring an outside team, it’s also imperative to do your due diligence – find an external company who works for you in all the ways you need. Be selective in your choice to find the right external marketing partner for you and your team.