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Are You Overcomplicating Your Digital Marketing Strategy? 

Digital marketing can be a complicating beast, which means that overcomplicating your digital marketing strategy is an easy trap to fall into while planning. There’s one small secret the LMI360 team wants to let you in on, though: businesses everywhere are making their digital marketing strategies even more complicated than they need to be. Are you spending lots of time or money (or both) and not getting the results you want? We’re breaking down a few of the ways you might be overcomplicating things.

You’re spending too long brainstorming blog posts.

If you’re spending hours brainstorming content ideas, you may need to consider reorganizing your process. Implementing a content calendar is the first step. Content calendars help you stay organized, identify gaps in marketing and improve your marketing strategy’s overall results. Planning the blog posts and social posts each month in advance means you can brainstorm for multiple topics at one time. When it’s time to write or post – your topic is ready to go!

You aren’t prioritizing the right goals.

Small- and large-scale companies need to define priorities and goals to help clearly outline expectations for your digital marketing strategy. While some companies avoid setting goals, others aren’t setting realistic goals for their long-term strategy. Every visitor won’t convert into a sale, and brand-new businesses probably won’t attract more than 500k clients during their first year of operations. Set your goals, prioritize them, and make sure they’re realistic for you and for the company to achieve. Do this by observing past trends and working with your team to finalize goals that make sense.

You’re forcing yourself to come up with original content.

Your audience wants original, relevant content that offers them something of value. But remember, you don’t have to curate your strategy solely on original content – that’s exhausting for you! Repurpose what you already have to make it work for your strategy in a different way. Do you have a high-performing blog post? Get the most mileage from it by posting across social media, or using it as the basis for a podcast. You might even be able to build a webinar with the content, and of course, you can write a follow-up to it or even update the current content you have. The options are endless!

You’re ditching old, effective methods for the shiny and new. 

If a piece of your marketing channel is working – really working – it might not be the best idea to switch it out for something brand-new that doesn’t serve your client or business effectively. Sure, new methods are always emerging and can serve as a way to make your marketing efforts more streamlined than ever. However, before completely jumping ship on your old methods, evaluate the impact of a switch before you pull the plug on a marketing channel that’s serving you well.

Save yourself the headache (and a bunch of time!) by creating content calendars, prioritizing the right goals, curating a strategy from high-performing content you already have, and evaluating the impact of a huge switch in marketing channels. The result will be a less complicated strategy that’s as streamlined as it is effective. Want to learn more about LMI360’s marketing services? Contact us today for more information!

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