Don’t Drink and Tweet

The holidays are here! As part of the holidays there are also more opportunities than usual to over imbibe at work-related, and not work-related, festivities. We’ve all been at that company holiday party where a person drinks too much and makes a fool of themselves. Now imagine if that same person had access to the [more…]

3 Things Facility Managers Look for in Your Website

Facility Managers don’t make critical building and operational decisions by looking at your website. But they do check it out and form an impression about your business, services and your companies fit for their needs. Business relationships are the gold standard for business development but beyond that your references and website are critical factors. If [more…]

Digital Real Estate – 21st Century Currency

Valuable real estate, like ocean view property or Scottsdale or PV commercial buildings, tends to increase in value over time. With Intelligent improvements they gain even greater value. The digital domain is much the same but companies often ignore or delay their acquisition and enhancement because the gain or loss is not as obvious at [more…]