What Does IoT Mean to You?

During World Workplace 2016 in San Diego, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Board of Directors created a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) task force to ascertain the best way for FM professionals to utilize the vast potential of billions of interconnected physical objects (things), each gathering data to understand and interact with the built and [more…]

Networking 101

I was fortunate to see David Nour with RENetworks – Relationship Economics Enterprise Social Network at an IFMA World Workplace several years ago. It was a an insightful and very entertaining presentation. I have since connected with David on LinkedIn and have subscribed to his monthly email which is always a good read. I thought [more…]

Lead Generation Webinar

If you sell Services to Facility & Property Managers, you don’t want to miss this Webinar. Tuesday, Sept. 13th 11:00 AM PDT Finally a lead generation solution designed for your industry and tested to bring new leads to your business.  If you sell commercial building services from Architecture to Energy to Janitorial to Painting, Plumbing [more…]

What’s Your KVP?

When breaking down the basics of your go-to-market strategy, it takes a number of timely factors to reach your intended audience.  What are you really selling?  How is your product better/faster/stronger than the 100 other products available on the market, and why should I now, if ever, buy from you? More than a marketing strategy, [more…]

LMI360 Welcomes CRENAB to Orange County

Over the years LMI360 has enjoyed our monthly CRENAB (Commercial Real Estate and Beer) networking meetings at some great Phoenix venues.  This group knows how to party and likes to do deals. We are pleased to provide our marketing services to the group as they expand the concept to CRENAB Orange County.  If you are [more…]