A highly productive sales and marketing framework, many Fortune 500 companies utilize Sales 2.0. It is strategy, process, people, and technologies delivering measurable, predictable sales, and marketing results.

In this new age of Digital Real Estate, social media, and technology, Sales 2.0 utilizes a multi-channel, cost effective approach for each step in the marketing and sales funnel.

Sales 2.0 strategy is developed for your sales and business development teams handing them warm-qualified prospect opportunities. The result, they spend more time winning new clients and less time nurturing prospects.

Multi-Channel Approach

Sales 2.0 exploits the best, most cost effective tools for the task.

Finely-tuned inbound marketing captures results from your advertising, promotion, and website content enabling prospects to be developed.

Outbound marketing leverages the inbound work, adding marketing outreach and focusing on prospects’ already-defined interests.

The era of the cold call and blind email ends with Sales 2.0.

Essential to all business marketing, Sales 2.0 focuses on selling products and services to target accounts. If your business sells to a finite target account list, then Sales 2.0 is a crucial tool your company needs.

Sales 2.0 is a proactive approach to selling. Coupled to inbound marketing, it maximizes your lead generation.

Whenever a prospect interacts with your website, LMI360’s systems instantly notifies your marketing team. The integrated CRM system is updated, and a request for information becomes a tracked lead. Regular outreach to the prospect is scheduled. Opportunity is discovered, qualified, and nurtured.

Sales 2.0’s integrated, multi-channel marketing effort is next generation sales, turning a prospect into a customer.