10 Online Marketing Predictions to support Your Strategy in 2014

  Business marketing last year was like a roller coaster ride. We saw new platforms, new channels, new roles and new tools pop up all over the place. It’s as though innovation and growth is speeding up all around us and we are surrounded by opportunities to reach new customers and delight them. It’s been [more…]

I’ll do better with my emails with these 10 old letter writing tips

  Before email, letter-writing guides were best sellers, the faddy self-help books of their day. There are still many things that we can learn from them before pressing “send”, says Simon Garfield.     1. Keep it brief, make it simple. This advice first appeared in a Latin tract somewhere between the 4th Century BC [more…]

CRM Enabled Websites: Turn your website into a Lead Generation Machine

  Over the last decade Website Reality has evolved from the days when we wondered… “Why should we invest money in a good website?” to “WE HAVE TO HAVE A BETTER WEBSITE TO BE MORE COMPETITIVE” Over the years thousands of website companies have sprung up to design and build you a nice brochure website. [more…]

Marketing as a Game Changer

Forbes magazine recently presented a great article about how Samsung Changed the Game on Apple. A summary of the article suggests that Samsung did not change the game with technology or products. Samsung products are comparable to Apple’s – but not dramatically superior. And while they are cheaper, in most instances that has not been [more…]

Budget Season Stand Out

As we mentioned previously it’s that time of year when you need to be in front of your Facility and Property management prospects for next year’s budgeting process. Organizations with traditional, calendar year budgeting cycles typically launch the number crunching merriment from July to November. Maybe it’s time for a little of that good old [more…]

When you look at buying a house or a commercial building, what are the things that come to mind?

Curb Appeal? Location? Appraised Value? Disclosure and the History of the Property Potential for Appreciation? If we think of websites in the same way as bricks and mortar real estate it can help illustrate what is important in the world of digital real estate. Think in terms of the prospective buyer during the annual budget [more…]

Domain Names are Valuable Real Estate

Your URL strategy makes a difference in your digital real estate success. What are your web addresses and why is it important? From a pure business perspective, it is essential that your company website is easy to find you in cyberspace. Some of the key strategies to consider are to ensuring your URL is the [more…]

How do I keep track of all my Links?

If you are like most companies your business depends on internet links and lots of them.  Links for your website,  LinkedIn account, Facebook,  Flickr, Google, Yahoo,  Twitter , You Tube Video’s, Blogs, hosting accounts, and on and on.  They build up over time and what seemed simple to remember becomes lost and fuzzy recollections of  [more…]

3 Secrets to Writing a Great Blog targeting Facility and Property Managers

Is it a surprise that you should be blogging for your company these days?  As this business week headline proposes Blogs will change your business.  So if you buy that, and assuming you’ve made the growth curve to understand the many values of writing a blog for your business, and also assuming you’ve already written [more…]

How To Optimize Your Website To Get Noticed By More Facility And Property Managers

How do I get noticed in a sea of competition? Perhaps you’re a janitorial company. You did a Google search for “Janitorial” and found 11,900,000 results. How on earth can your website ever distinguish itself & attract visitors? That task can seem more than a bit challenging. It may be a better situation than it [more…]