YouTube Can Help Grow Your Business

  YouTube channels are like personal TV stations where you can broadcast to the world anything about your business that would interest them. It’s a great medium for product launches, demos, public relation communications, interviews, advertisements, tutorials and so much more. They also provide one place to store all your video files and provide backlinks [more…]

10 Online Marketing Predictions to support Your Strategy in 2014

  Business marketing last year was like a roller coaster ride. We saw new platforms, new channels, new roles and new tools pop up all over the place. It’s as though innovation and growth is speeding up all around us and we are surrounded by opportunities to reach new customers and delight them. It’s been [more…]

CRM Enabled Websites: Turn your website into a Lead Generation Machine

  Over the last decade Website Reality has evolved from the days when we wondered… “Why should we invest money in a good website?” to “WE HAVE TO HAVE A BETTER WEBSITE TO BE MORE COMPETITIVE” Over the years thousands of website companies have sprung up to design and build you a nice brochure website. [more…]

Marketing as a Game Changer

Forbes magazine recently presented a great article about how Samsung Changed the Game on Apple. A summary of the article suggests that Samsung did not change the game with technology or products. Samsung products are comparable to Apple’s – but not dramatically superior. And while they are cheaper, in most instances that has not been [more…]

Maximize Your Email Opens

At LMI360 we send out and track thousands of emails every week for our clients.  Informed thinking was that Monday and Friday were generally bad and that best results would be for emails sent Tuesday – Thursday, preferably mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid early morning crisis and lunch time activities. We decided to do some [more…]

QR Codes – Sometimes Geeky is Good!

QR Codes are popping up on everything from the back of business cards to airline magazine ads to PowerPoint presentations.  The graphical QR codes can contain up to 4,296 characters of information from your contact information to your website URL to product information and specifications.  QR Codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, [more…]