Lead Generation Webinar

If you sell Services to Facility & Property Managers, you don’t want to miss this Webinar. Tuesday, Sept. 13th 11:00 AM PDT Finally a lead generation solution designed for your industry and tested to bring new leads to your business.  If you sell commercial building services from Architecture to Energy to Janitorial to Painting, Plumbing [more…]

Voice Mail Friend or Foe to the Sales Professional?

Blog by Colly Graham from Sales Excellence   Some great thoughts. What is your instant response to the question?If your belief is voice mail is bad…. it will be bad! You will validate that belief by making sure you get no value from it. If there is one thing guaranteed to drive consultants up the wall, [more…]

How do you motivate the “do nothing” prospect?

Sometimes it seems like the biggest obstacle to closing a sale isn’t the competition but the prospective client who just “does nothing.”   Or so it seems! Typically when a prospect becomes a “do nothing” it is for good reason.  The failure to take action can be an indication that:  They do not perceive  enough value [more…]

What 5 things do property managers struggle with the most?

At LMI360 we help our clients sell their services to building owners and property managers so I found this BOMA Linked in discussion started by Bryan Rider to be  interesting. First because so many people seemed to enjoy the topic that 27 people took the time to write about the 5 top struggles. I’m not [more…]

What’s Your KVP?

When breaking down the basics of your go-to-market strategy, it takes a number of timely factors to reach your intended audience.  What are you really selling?  How is your product better/faster/stronger than the 100 other products available on the market, and why should I now, if ever, buy from you? More than a marketing strategy, [more…]

The Black Hole of Sales Leads

If a lead doesn’t turn into a short term sale where does it go?  Where do all those leads go that we worked so hard to gather, expending time, effort, and money at trade shows, with advertising, and other marketing investments?  There must be 100’s or even 1,000’s of leads where someone at one time or [more…]

LMI360 Welcomes CRENAB to Orange County

Over the years LMI360 has enjoyed our monthly CRENAB (Commercial Real Estate and Beer) networking meetings at some great Phoenix venues.  This group knows how to party and likes to do deals. We are pleased to provide our marketing services to the group as they expand the concept to CRENAB Orange County.  If you are [more…]

Companies that Get It!

Similar to your company, LMI360 is bombarded by email from companies that want to sell us services and tools.   One of the companies that really “Gets It” and does a nice job of email marketing to us is HubSpot.  For various reasons we currently use tools from their competitors yet they continue to email us [more…]

What is Sales 2.0

Sales 2.0 is the use of innovative sales practices, focused on creating value for both buyer and seller and enabled by Web 2.0 and next-generation technology.  Sales 2.0 practices combine the science of process-driven operations with the art of collaborative relationships, using the most profitable and most expedient sales resources required to meet customer’s needs.  [more…]

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

While it’s true that human relationships will always be essential to a successful business, the way those relationships are originated, nurtured and maintained is changing. Today’s business leader needs to combine the science of process-driven operations with the art of collaborative relationships, using the most profitable and most expedient sales resources required to meet customers’ [more…]