Monitor the Web for Key Business Intelligence

Would you like to subscribe to a free service that automatically cruises the web searching for keywords that are relevant to your business, your competitors and your customers?  It turns out to be relatively easy and FREE! Google alerts, , offered by Google, automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video [more…]

Powerful Email Subject Lines

I recently read and interesting blog posted by Carrie Kuempel with VisibleGains tracking how presidential candidates backed by millions of dollars in consultants and technology are using email on behalf of their candidates. Carrie signed up to receive email from the Republican primary candidates and figured it would be interesting to see what subject line techniques [more…]

How do I keep track of all my Links?

If you are like most companies your business depends on internet links and lots of them.  Links for your website,  LinkedIn account, Facebook,  Flickr, Google, Yahoo,  Twitter , You Tube Video’s, Blogs, hosting accounts, and on and on.  They build up over time and what seemed simple to remember becomes lost and fuzzy recollections of  [more…]

3 Secrets to Writing a Great Blog targeting Facility and Property Managers

Is it a surprise that you should be blogging for your company these days?  As this business week headline proposes Blogs will change your business.  So if you buy that, and assuming you’ve made the growth curve to understand the many values of writing a blog for your business, and also assuming you’ve already written [more…]

How To Optimize Your Website To Get Noticed By More Facility And Property Managers

How do I get noticed in a sea of competition? Perhaps you’re a janitorial company. You did a Google search for “Janitorial” and found 11,900,000 results. How on earth can your website ever distinguish itself & attract visitors? That task can seem more than a bit challenging. It may be a better situation than it [more…]

A Great WEBSITE to Kick Off 2012

More and more your prospects are researching their vendors and service providers on the web.  Todays’ great websites need to be more than a static reflection of your corporate brochure with a page to read the executive bio’s and contact us.  They need to help us generate business. Along those lines one of the web [more…]

2011 IFMA Charity Golf Tournament

LMI360 was pleased to participate in the 2011 IFMA Charity Golf Tournament hosted at the Biltmore Resort Links golf course.  This is one of the best golf tournaments in Phoenix with IFMA sponsors attending each hole with gifts, food, drinks and other other pleasant surprises. This is the 6th year of the tournament and it [more…]

7 Secrets to Maximizing your Trade Show Success

A trade show can be a large marketing investment for companies and it is often difficult to gauge specifically what we got for that large marketing spend.  In addition, there are countless hours of preparation, setup, tear-down, staff flights, hotels and meals.  A typical investment example is shown below: 10 x 10 Booth – $10,000 [more…]

Maximize Your Email Opens

At LMI360 we send out and track thousands of emails every week for our clients.  Informed thinking was that Monday and Friday were generally bad and that best results would be for emails sent Tuesday – Thursday, preferably mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid early morning crisis and lunch time activities. We decided to do some [more…]

Lead Generation Webinar

If you sell Services to Facility & Property Managers, you don’t want to miss this Webinar. Tuesday, Sept. 13th 11:00 AM PDT Finally a lead generation solution designed for your industry and tested to bring new leads to your business.  If you sell commercial building services from Architecture to Energy to Janitorial to Painting, Plumbing [more…]