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Gadget Trends at CES Reflect the Future of Business.

2013 CES


The CNN article “Six gadget trends to look for at CES is definitely worth the 3 minute read.

I think the emphasis on content and cost effective devices supports the projection that 2013 is the year where the majority of content will be viewed on smart phones and tablets. Some key thoughts from the article are below.

What are your thoughts on mobile devices breaking the 50% mark of all content viewed in North America by the end of 2013? How much of a focus it is in your communication plan for the year?




“Last year’s hot computer was the super-thin ultrabook laptop, but that category has cooled down significantly. This year, the spotlight will be on tablet/laptop hybrids running Windows 8. The new Windows operating system is built for touchscreen computers, and manufacturers seem to be having some fun with the form factor. (Check out the Asus Taichi and Lenovo Yoga.)

Cheap, sub-$100 7-inch Android tablets will still abound, but like smartphones, there won’t be much in the way of innovation as companies hold back until February.

Room for smaller, innovative companies

The big players lying low presents a great opportunity for the smaller exhibitors to get noticed and make connections. This year, innovative technology will come from unexpected places as smaller companies such as Pebble, a smart-watch company that got started as a Kickstarter campaign, debut products. Now that it’s easier for a small operation to raise money and manufacture a physical product on a budget, the gadget market is ripe for a shakeup.

Some big-name startups will also have a presence. Leap Motion will be on the floor, and its motion-sensing technology will appear in Asus notebooks this year. Razer will return this year after making a splash with its Project Fiona game tablet in 2012”

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