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When you look at buying a house or a commercial building, what are the things that come to mind?

  • Curb AppealCurb Appeal?
  • Location?
  • Appraised Value?
  • Disclosure and the History of the Property
  • Potential for Appreciation?

If we think of websites in the same way as bricks and mortar real estate it can help illustrate what is important in the world of digital real estate. Think in terms of the prospective buyer during the annual budget season checking out potential new vendors. Honestly, put yourself in your prospects and current customers “shoes” and take a hard look at what your Digital Real Estate says about your organization.

A good website can be a significant business investment. To be a profitable investment, you need to find new customers. To generate new customers, a website needs to generate search engine referrals. For that to happen, your site needs rank at the top of search engine results pages,

Your customers know how to use a search engine to find information about a company. A company that provides the best information will get the best results. To find new customers for your company, your website needs to get good search engines results. The best way to get good search results is by writing good informational web pages. A good web page provides good information for both people and search engines. Search engines and potential customers must find quality information on your website.

Reasons to have a current generation website

  • Potential customers already know how to search effectively to find company information on the web
  • You can help new customers to find information about your company, instantly.
  • Enhance existing company relationships.
  • Provide increased credibility for your company.
  • Pre- qualify new customers even before they contact your company.
  • Improve staff productivity by answering customer questions online.
  • Promote your company, 24/7/365!
  • Increase market share.

Beyond key design features every good business website must include:

  • Free, credible and usable information for potential customers
  • User friendly navigation features
  • Good business information
  • Good, descriptive page titles
  • Good answers to customer questions
  • A good service policy that meets clients’ needs
  • Simple method for visitors to contact you
  • An organic strategy to become highly ranked by the major search engines

A modern website is not only valuable digital property it is an essential tool for brand recognition and lead generation.  Coupled with a good URL/domain strategy LMI360 can show you how to enhance your digital properties.

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