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How do I keep track of all my Links?

Links Girl2If you are like most companies your business depends on internet links and lots of them.  Links for your website,  LinkedIn account, Facebook,  Flickr, Google, Yahoo,  Twitter , You Tube Video’s, Blogs, hosting accounts, and on and on. 

They build up over time and what seemed simple to remember becomes lost and fuzzy recollections of  “where did I put that link.”   I try to keep an Outlook contact for each of my accounts with the login and password.  But when it comes to links to specific documents or files associated with that account the plot thickens.

It would be nice if there was a public area where I could keep all the links I usually refer to people.  Someplace where I could always find them.  So why not post the links in a blog that I can always refer to and update as new ones are added.  We’ll maybe. 

So below are the public links that I’m always looking for.  It may take me a while to find them but next time I’ll know where at least some of the LMI360 Links are!

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