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How do you motivate the “do nothing” prospect?

Sometimes it seems like the biggest obstacle to closing a sale isn’t the competition but the prospective client who just “does nothing.”  

Or so it seems!

Typically when a prospect becomes a “do nothing” it is for good reason.  The failure to take action can be an indication that: 

  • They do not perceive  enough value to make them want to change what they are doing at this time.
  • They may perceive that there could be a good value, but are unwilling (or unable) to expend the effort it will take to change.  They could be resource constrained or too busy with other priorities.
  • They have no sense of urgency.  There isn’t enough pain associated with what they are doing now to make them want to change.  Inaction has limited consequences.
    Most companies have 100’s of these type of “Leads” in their database and never learn the real reason that they no longer return their calls.  After a few months of inactivity they eventually get sucked into to the “Black Hole of Leads”.   (see previous blog)
    But there is a better option.  Outsource those leads to LMI360 and get warm leads that are ready to buy in return.  Our Sales 2.0 process will nurture those leads with your Value Proposition and Pain consequences and multi-touch email and phone campaigns.  Most companies just do not have time to do this themselves but at LMI360, that is what we do everyday for our clients, Outsource sales and Marketing.
    Don’t let those “Do Nothing” leads go away.  They are often just not ready to buy at this time but will eventually purchase if you don’t give up.

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