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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

11002002385While it’s true that human relationships will always be essential to a successful business, the way those relationships are originated, nurtured and maintained is changing.

Today’s business leader needs to combine the science of process-driven operations with the art of collaborative relationships, using the most profitable and most expedient sales resources required to meet customers’ needs.

This approach produces superior, predictable, repeatable business results, including increased revenue, decreased sales costs, and sustained competitive advantage. This approach can also cause uncertainty and misconceptions among your current sales and leadership teams.


Misconception #1:

“If my outside sales team is doing their job, I don’t need inside sales.”

It’s true your star closers belong in front of your clients & potentials, working their magic. It’s also true that by re-assigning the more routine tasks such as initial contacts and regular follow-ups, you can keep your field sales team in front of key decision makers… when they are making decisions. Salespeople who have to do the bulk of their own lead generation and qualification are much less effective than those who have a steady stream of warm leads delivered to them.

Misconception #2:

“Effective outsource sales and marketing will replace my sales executives.”

Have you noticed that commercial buildings go up faster today than ever before? People outside the industry might chalk this up to a lower level of craftsmanship. People in the industry understand building codes, requirements and methodologies are more stringent and produce higher quality buildings than ever before. The real reason buildings go up faster is because the craftsmen have more sophisticated tools. These tools are not a substitute for the craftsman, but rather tools in the craftsmen’s belt. Much like Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an effective tool for building managers & constructors, Outsource Sales and Marketing is an effective tool for your Business Development and Sales Team.

Your company needs more leads and prospects than they are getting. Your management team is weighing the costs of putting together an in-house capability versus outsourcing.

What are the considerations?

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