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Have you addressed the E-Sales Cycle?

Just a few years ago the typically sales cycle was funnel driven with all marketing and sales efforts driving outward to find qualified customers.   Then along came the world wide web and those crazy search engines like Google

Today almost all of your prospects do their product research on the web before they even speak to you.


The new E-Sales Cycle requires companies to rethink the sales process to insure that they attract this large growing body of buyers.  The new buyers start researching for the best fit companies on the web long before the are ready for pricing or purchase.  You not only need a good website that can be found by the search engines you also need educational content to become a trusted service provider.  It’s a whole new way of looking at sales and marketing. 

If for example, you are a “young at heart” customer and you are interested in Lasik surgery but aren’t sure about the treatment services or best service providers.  What do you do?

  • Facebook request to your friends
  • Google Searches
  • Wikipedia Research

This is where your customers start looking for the services you sell.  Are you making it easy for them to find you?  Are you a source for valuable content on your subject?  How can you position your company as a leader in your field?  

LMI360 can show you how some of the largest companies are using Web and Social Media tools to position themselves at a trusted resource for their prospects and generating new leads and revenue that you may be missing.

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